Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Back from the Oncologist in IA and a side trip to IKEA!

Sorry to have been gone for so long (a week exactly).  We left last Wednesday morning bright and early for my appointment with my oncologist in Iowa. Since we made such good time on the road, we decided to stop at Antique Archaeology in LeClaire, IA.  This is the store that is owned by Mike Wolfe, from the American Pickers TV show - WOW! Lots of cool things to see and of course I took lots of pictures to scrap too! Here are just a few.

The "original" Antique Archaeology Store in LeClaire IA

This picture was upstairs by Mike's Office 

So many cool items in the "garage" - my favorite was a Coke sign in the back from Eastern NC

The salesgirl that day and her cousin - both grew up in LeClaire, IA. They were really nice and fun to talk to.
My husband outside of the "new" Antique Archaeology Store, just across from the old sore

The new store had all kinds of things you could buy with Mike's store logo on them, plus lots of cool antiques too 
The end of the check out area - I loved the barber shop neon sign!

Looking from the back of the store towards the front.  This place is packed with anything and everything. If you ever get a chance to stop in, DO IT! You won't be disappointed!

The rest of the week was spent having tests and bloodwork done but my oncologist was quite happy with my results, except for my thyroid, which is very low so he has started me on medication for that and FINALLY started me on Octreotide for my Carcinoid symptoms. I even had the techs doing my scans take some pictures of me on the scan table to scrap - I've decided since I have to make at least a yearly trip to IA to the oncologist and because this cancer is not going away, I may as well scrapbook this part of my life. 

Getting wrapped up and tucked in by my X-Ray tech so I can't move during the scan

By the time the scan started I was already fast asleep (and snoring! LOL!) 
The Mummy Lives! I had to be like this twice since this was a 2 day scan - thank goodness I can fall asleep the minute I lay down.

On the way home we left super early Saturday because I was going to IKEA one way or another in Bolingbrook, IL.  It was our first time at that IKEA but certainly not our last!! Much easier to get to than the Canton, MI IKEA we usually go too. I had my list of items to get for my scrapbook room and ended up getting one that wasn't on  the list since it was in the clearance room.Now alI I need is one more Alex Drawer and some elves to help me finish organizing my space and I'll be done! I'll be getting the 2nd Alex Drawer when we go to the Mega Meet in May. 

I just can't help myself - I get all giddy with excitement whenever I see one of these buildings!

As you can see, it was a beautiful day to do some scrapbook room shopping!

Waiting for Mike to get the truck - all of my purchases! One large set of Alex Drawers, a bag full of other items for my scrapbook room and a net to put up over my windoweless window seat in the Hello Kitty Lounge part of my room

My unplanned for purchase that set me over my spending limit but I couldn't pass it up for the price.  It was in the clearance room, marked waaaayyy down and the only thing wrong with it was that it was a store display! The plus besides those things - it was already assembled, which Mike really liked! This is going to replace one of the HUGE paper racks in my room.

Since getting my TV stand, doors, drawers and containers to fit in the cubbies from IKEA a couple of years ago,  I've come to realize I prefer the doors so I got 2 more of those for the Kallax unit.  Unfortunately they don't make them in pink anymore :(

This is actually a plastic bag storage container when it's assembled. But in the scrapbooking world everyone is using them for storing their vinyl.  I only got one since I have'n't done any vinyl yet but have a feeling I'll be getting a few more in the very near future.

These are spice container organizers for your drawers.  They also make great Washi Tape and Ribbon organizers.  I'm going to be using these two in my new Alex drawers and will pick up a few more in May when we go to the Canton store after he Mega Meet

Since I've been home I've been doing nothing but sleeping to catch up on all of the non-stop going I did for the last two weeks.  I'm attaching pictures of the items I got at IKEA plus some Hello Kitty Iris storage boxes I found on eBay that came while we were gone.  I hope everyone has been busy scrapping, card making or organizing! I did manage to finish getting all of my embossing folders into the clear envelops from Avery Elle and most of my clear stamps - unfortunately I ran out of envelopes again.  I've also ordered 4x6 and 5x7 magnetic pieces to put in envelopes with my dies.  Those should be here tomorrow so I'll be starting on that project as soon as they arrive.  I've decided to order double the amount of envelopes I think I'll need since I've already run out of them twice.  I'll try to get a photo of them all organized for the next entry.

Oh, I almost forgot the one item that came in the mail while we were gone! Hello Kitty Iris storage containers!
I found these great Hello Kitty Iris storage containers on eBay just before we left for IA and ordered them.  There are 6 of them - not sure what I will put in them yet but I like that they keep with the theme of my scrapbook room. 

Happy Scrappy and enjoy the rest of your week!

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