Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Show Me Your Layouts...

So today's blog is going to be a short one since I haven't been feeling very well today. And in the future I'm sure there will be more short blog posts, depending on how I feel every day. In  case that doesn't make sense because you haven't checked out my other Blog, I was diagnosed with Carcinoid Cancer on July 1 and every day I feel differently, usually not for the better. But some days you'll wish I'd hush up because I can also get long winded sometimes! 

I had a chance after typing up the last blog post to find some "newer" and favorite layouts to share with y'all.  

I have to apologize in advance for the quality of the actual pictures on the layouts and the pictures of the layouts themselves. I didn't have my new camera yet so any new layouts will be much better quality hopefully.  Anyway, here are the layouts I picked out to share.

I hope everyone enjoys the layouts. Hopefully it won't be so long between posts.

Until next time~~

PS - Hopefully in my next post I'll be able to tell y'all about my first experience using Project Life!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Friday Everyone!

Is it just me, or is everyone always happy when Friday rolls around? I mean, I don't work, I have Cancer, and yet I'm still happy on Friday's like back in the days when I worked! Sounds crazy doesn't it?!

I have been doing quite a bit of thinking and playing around with this blog for the last week.  And I've come to the conclusion that it should be devoted to scrapbooking and rubber stamping, due to it's name. I was considering putting everything in one blog - Nature and my photography, dollhouses, Carcinoid Cancer and Scrapping/Stamping. Instead of putting everything into one blog and confuse y'all and myself, I have decided to add the 3 other blogs to my list. One for my Dollhouses, one for my Bird-watching and Photography and one to keep track of my Journey with this Cancer. Y'all can read all 4 blogs or pick which ones you'd like to be part of. 

I haven't posted in quite a while. Yesterday I think I was just worn down and didn't feel well at all. But once I get the three blogs up and going, I'm going to try my best to do a post daily. Or at the very least every other day. So here is where y'all come in - if anyone has any questions for any of the blogs, PLEASE FEEL FREE to put them in the comments section. Suggestions for the blogs are always appreciated too. Constructive criticism never hurt anyone either :)

With all of the above being said, I'm going to leave y'all with a few pictures of some of the better hand made cards I've made over the years (and obviously can't bear to part with!).

Wishing everyone a wonderful and safe weekend!
Until next time~~