Friday, November 17, 2017

So first up I'll show y'all what I've been up to with all of this Stampin' Up stuff.  Like I said, I worked a lot on getting things ready for a craft show that I never made it to.  Guess that puts me ahead of the game for next year! hee hee!  Since this post is so graphic heavy, I'll save my favorite cards for the next post.  Hope y'all enjoy!

LED Candles that have been rubber stamped (and my latest addiction!)
Paper Cone Wreaths - as you can tell the red, green and white one was my first one since it's not as round as the others.

Decorated Pillow Boxes that I will add candy to.

Mini Coffee Cups - I made special holders for these that had room for gift cars.  The mini coffee cups were filled with hershey kisses :)

My first attempt at stamping on a round candle - there is definitely a learning curve!

Another round candle - I made coordinating gift boxes for the round candles. 

It's hard to see but behind the paper latte is a Candle that is shaped the same as the cutout.  They smell soooo good! 
And I couldn't forget our furry friends! These are a couple of the cat treats I made but I also made some for doggies too.

This is my favorite candle so far - it has a scene that goes all the way around it.

3x3 Note Cards

Post it Note Holders with pens - great for teachers.

And last but not least are kitchen magnet sets for the holidays with matching containers.

WOW - Have I been Gone Or What?!

WARNING - This might be a long post to catch up!

A friend reminded me tonight (HI KATIE!) that she had seen my scrapbook room on my blog! I have been so busy since my last post that I haven't had time for my blog but I plan to change that right now!! I am going to dedicate one day a week to keeping this updated!!! PROMISE!!

SO what have I been doing that I couldn't update this thing? Well, for one thing the cancer has kept me down a lot this year.  And the other thing I've been up to is Rubber Stamping! Lots of it!  I signed up as a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and kind of been in a whole with all of that.  BUT  I seriously need to devote time to my scrapbooking, my scrapbooking room and my life outside of SU.  If you're interested in my Stampin' Up Facebook Page you can find it here:
I'm not going to make this blog a Stampin' Up Blog because I enjoy so many other crafting things.  Plus that's what my Facebook page is for.  If you do check out my page, please be sure to like it to stay updated tho.

I have also been working some more on my scrapbook and I'll be adding more pictures of that in another post.  I'll also add some pictures of some of the fun things I made for a craft show that I wasn't able to attend, due to coming down with an acute viral infection that has last two weeks and that I'm just getting over! This is some serious crud! It started with a sore throat and I was pretty sure I was going to die before it was all over with! No kidding!

One other thing that I've been up to was another trip to Iowa to the Oncologist at the beginning of November.  It was only a three day trip this time with only bloodwork and talking to my oncologist but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped.  I'll post more about that in another post also.

I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is only one week away! Mike and I will be spending it here at home together.  We could go his family's big dinner at the VFW but I'm greedy and like to have a WHOLE turkey for just us!!! I LOVE turkey!! Then that Saturday I have a friend coming over from Northville to scrapbook with me.  She used to live here and we are besties even thru the distance!  Then that following Monday Mike and I are driving over to Marshall for their annual Christmas Parade.  We wanted to go last year but the weather was horrible so we're hoping it's not a repeat this year.

Oh I remember - one other thing - Mike and I also opened up a vintage booth at a local antique market here in South Haven.  If you're in town, check out Booth #48 at Eagle Street Market Antiques! We opened up mid-August and it's been fun so far! Here's the latest picture they sent to us of our booth.